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Invest Geelong - Make Geelong your first choice


Enterprise Geelong - Year in Review



Defence Solutions

Enterprise Geelong Defence Solutions PDF 3MB

Enterprise Geelong Defence Solutions Word 492KB

Regional Economic Performance

Geelong Fast Facts 2016

Geelong: Facts at a Glance (map) Nov 2015

Economic Indicators Bulletin Archive
How is the Geelong regional economy performing on an annual basis?


Geelong Region Skill Shortage Report 2014

Geelong Region Skill Shortage Report 2013

Geelong Region Skill Shortage Report 2012

Geelong Region Skill Shortage Report 2011

Geelong Region Skill Shortage Report 2010

Archive material

Geelong: Facts at a Glance (map) 2015

Living, Working and Investing in Geelong

Lifestyle Geelong PDF 9MB

Lifestyle Geelong Word 53KB

What are the advantages of living and working in Geelong?

Invest Geelong PDF 2MB

Invest Geelong Word 67KB

What are Geelong’s major industry strengths?

Industry Sector Strategies

Economic Development Strategy 2005-2010

What is Council’s framework for driving sustainable economic growth in Geelong?

Geelong Retail Strategy 2006

What is Council’s approach to guiding the ongoing development of retailing in the City of Greater Geelong?

BioGeelong Growth Strategy 2009-2010 PDF 1MB

BioGeelong Growth Strategy 2009-2010 Word 10KB

Outlines key actions to grow the biotechnology sector in Geelong 2009-2010.

Biotechnology Opportunities Study PDF 1MB

Biotechnology Opportunities Study Word 1MB

What is Geelong’s biotechnology capability and what is being done to encourage the growth of this sector?

Geelong Seafood Industry Strategy PDF 569KB

Geelong Seafood Industry Strategy Word 48KB

What long term strategic actions are being undertaken to grow the Region’s seafood and aquaculture sector?

Contact Centres

What are Geelong’s strengths as a contact centre location?

Sketchbook Greater Geelong

Potential Technology Futures Geelong - Siemens April 2017

Investment News

What are the major commercial and industrial investment projects underway or proposed in the City of Greater Geelong?
The 2013 edition is contained in the Economic Indicators Bulletin.

City Scope – August 2012 PDF 2MB

City Scope - August 2012 Word 13MB

City Scope – July 2011 PDF 1MB

City Scope - July 2011 Word 120KB

City Scope – July 2010 PDF 1MB

City Scope - July 2010 Word 116KB

City Scope – July 2009 PDF 2MB

City Scope - July 2009 Word 75KB

Skilled Migration

Skilled Migration Success Stories
What successful matches have been made between skilled migrants and local employers?

Guide for Skilled Migrants Moving to Geelong
What do skilled migrants need to know about moving to Geelong?

Guide to Finding Work in Geelong
What do skilled overseas professionals migrants need to know about finding work in Geelong?