Geelong Small Business Festival

This is the calendar for the 2014 Geelong Small Business Festival.

Now in its fourth year, bookings for the 2014 Geelong Small Business Festival are now open.

The Festival runs throughout the entire month of August and offers over forty seminars, events and networking opportunities for those seeking to start a business, grow their business or up-skill. The festival provides an opportunity to access a range of technical information and expertise at no cost or minimal cost.

The Festival is part of the broader and highly successful Small Business Festival Victoria.

Read about each session and follow the links to book each individually.

Westpac Economic Breakfast with Bill Evans1 August 2014
Get in your customer's pocket4 August 2014
Starting your Business5 August 2014
WEBINAR: Making it Count! A smarter approach to online business5 August 2014
Training and skills incentives made easy5 August 2014
Personal styling to launch a new career6 August 2014
The Greatness Principle6 August 2014
Unleash your business dream team7 August 2014
Networking on steroids + Letting go7 August 2014
Build business with supplier collaboration8 August 2014
Seven website design secrets to get more sales9 August 2014
Sell without looking like you're selling11 August 2014
Establish your HR Tool Kit12 August 2014
WEBINAR - Making it Count! A smarter approach to business success12 August 2014
Think Big! Show off your business to the world12 August 2014
Think global and innovate local13 August 2014
Fair Work Act: Latest changes update13 August 2014
Six secrets to eliminate business stress13 August 2014
On the couch with business leaders13 August 2014
Take control of your finances14 August 2014
What should be in your business plan?14 August 2014
Strategic business forecasting essentials15 August 2014
Small Business Mentoring Services16 August 2014
Business Cafe: Personal brand and why it's important17 August 2014
Protecting your business viability18 August 2014
Networking know-how to build business19 August 2014
WEBINAR - Taming Google19 August 2014
Online marketing: too friggin' hard19 August 2014
Sell your Business for More20 August 2014
Feet up & feeling good20 August 2014
Starting a Business: What you need to know to succeed20 August 2014
Dominating your Niche21 August 2014
Geelong Chamber After 521 August 2014
Securing your Brand in the online space22 August 2014
Winning Grants Seminar22 August 2014
Free Grants Assessment22 August 2014
Look big, sound big: Business blogging for growth23 August 2014
Advanced Negotiation and Collaboration25 August 2014
Business Networking Dinner with Keynote Speaker, Interior Designer Shayna Blaze25 August 2014
Confident Hiring26 August 2014
Creativity for business success26 August 2014
Five Steps to Double your profit27 August 2014
Your business: Legal check up27 August 2014
Oh my business photography28 August 2014
iPad your Business on the Move28 August 2014
Cloud Accounting: Work smarter not harder30 August 2014

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