How can IP provide competitive and commercial advantage?

Use your brand, ideas and innovations to give yourself a competitive edge in the marketplace. Trademark and patent attorneys use real-world examples to discuss how your intellectual property (IP) can help you to differentiate from your competitors, attract new customers and add value to your business. This informative workshop is supported by a series of complimentary consultations for you to discuss your business IP strategy directly.

This innovative workshop will provide you with the knowledge of how to use your intellectual property rights (IP), including your brand, ideas and innovations to give your business a competitive and commercial advantage in the market. Davies Collison Cave's (DCC) experienced trademark and patent attorneys will take you through the steps of identifying and protecting your IP. They will provide insight into developing a tailored strategy to leverage your IP and assist your business to: ­-

  • Deter competitors ­
  • Protect your brand, products and innovations
  • Charge a premium for your products and services
  • Improve business valuation
  • Attract business investment and funding
  • Secure your online presence

Real life case studies about small businesses, some of whom have gone on to become national and multinational organisations, will ensure that these legal concepts are relatable and easy to grasp.

On Wednesday 31 August, Davies Collison Cave will be available to offer complimentary 20-minute one-on-one meetings at their Geelong office, where attendees of the workshop can meet up with IP specialists to discuss their specific IP strategy.  Book your free session via email to, prior to the event or following the workshop.


Monday, 29 August, 2016 - 12:00 to 14:00
Novotel Geelong: 10-14 Eastern Beach Road, Geelong

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