ebay and online for retail businesses

Innovate your retail business and avoid being left behind as the world moves online. Discover the world of ebay and learn how you can extend your traditional retail offering through a low cost online store. If you're not innovating, your competition will be. Ebay Queen Katrina Kail will provide up to date, fresh new content and relevant information, giving those who attend an edge in the marketplace. You will walk away armed with new insights and an action plan you can implement within your business the very next day, boosting profits immediately.

Ebay Queen Katrina Kail is passionate about saving the face of traditional bricks and mortar retailers by showing how to complement their existing operations by expanding and integrating with ebay and other eCommerce portals. Katrina is a qualified trainer, mentor, speaker, media spokesperson and author. She is an industry leader and she's here to help you grow your retail business online. With the rapid development of online shopping, it is imperative for retailers to tap into the escalating eCommerce force.

Small businesses need to develop insights with which to innovate their business, or they face the tragic risk of being left behind. - Australians spent over $19.1 billion online in 2015, up 11.2% from 2014 - 70% of all online buyers in Australia shop on ebay.com.au - ebay.com.au receives 8 million unique visitors per month - There are 15 million searches on ebay.com.au per week - There are 162 million active ebay users worldwide. Katrina will show you how to establish a progressive new retail store for around the cost of a cup of coffee per week. She will also show you how you can save thousands on websites and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO - where your website ranks on google), not to mention the hundreds of thousands needed to open a new bricks and mortar store.

You will learn how to:

  • Turn your employees down time into profits
  • Out-smart the competition
  • Attract more customers
  • Research your most profitable products to fast track your success
  • Leverage your time for greater efficiency
  • Keep your customers happy

Katrina's supportive approach will ensure you feel comfortable, enthusiastic and empowered to participate. An interactive presentation will help you retain information, while learning how to confidently apply the knowledge revealed. Can you afford to let the profits attainable online slip through your fingers?

Presented by Reboot Retail

Wednesday, 3 August, 2016 - 18:30 to 21:00
Geelong City Hall: 57 Little Malop Street Geelong

Further Information

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